What Happened To Biomune?

What happened to biomune?

What Happened To Biomune?


Immune Boosting Supplements

Biomune OSF+

Biomune OSF+Biomune was the first product that I came across when I started this journey many years ago.  It used Colostrum and Astragalus as its main ingredients.  Unfortunately, several months ago the company (which shall remain nameless) that bought Biomune out decided to stop producing it! Don’t worry.. We’ve got you covered.

I too was a nervous wreck when I found out because I have several family members and friends with weakened immune systems that depended on it.  Luckily I found a product that was exactly the same.  It even gets its main ingredient, colostrum, from the same farm and pastures as Biomune.  You can imagine what a relief it was to me and my loved ones.

So this is for everyone that has been searching for Biomune OSF+  and was wondering what happened.. Let me present:


Ai/E10 Cyto-Ess

What are some of the great things about Cyto-Ess?

  • Made with Ai/E10
  • Safe for Kids and Adults
  • Fights off Viruses Before They Take Hold
  • More than 60 Important Peptides
  • Featured in Hundreds of Published, Peer-Reviewed Studies
  • Clinically Proven and Patented
  • Balances the Function of Your Immune System
  • A Must for People with Immune Deficiencies

Buy Cyto Ess For You And Your Family Today!

Cyto-Ess contains Ai/E-10, a refined lacteal (Dairy) complex with colostrum as the main ingredient. This complex has an ability to stimulate the repair, restoration, and maintenance of your immune system resulting in greater system function and balance. It does this by activation and modulation.  The immune system is critical to our health because it protects us from disease and responds to foreign invaders of the body.  Two of the main reasons our bodies have weakened immune systems are stress and dietary deficiencies.  That’s why it’s important to use supplements like Cyto-Ess to keep your system in a high mode of efficiency.

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  1. tomhos

    It’s great that you’ve found a replacement for Biomune OSF, but you don’t say how to get it.
    How do I get Cyto-Ess ?

    • admin

      Hello tomhos, thanks for visiting! We are designing a costumer interface and checkout cart at the moment. I will email you a way to purchase Cyto Ess.

    • admin

      Well Now we finally have Ai/E10 available to order! Go To: Buy Ai/E10

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