What Are The Best Immune System Boosters

What Are The Best Immune System Boosters


We are going to take a look at some of the toxins, conditions, and medications that are known to bog down or hurt your immune system. I’m going to share with you information about a product called Cyto Ess, which has been my favorite immune system supplement for the past ten years. We will look at some clinical studies that show just how amazing it really is and then I’m going to give you the opportunity to get a hold of some for you and your family! I hope this will answer your questions and please feel free to comment or ask more at the end.
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With all of the harmful toxins that we breathe in, get on our skin, and ingest each and every day, it’s a wonder how our body keeps on going. We live in and around millions of viruses and bacteria constantly (although there are many beneficial bacteria) and the body has an amazing system to keep us healthy. As amazing as our natural defense system is, it sometimes gets worn out by the chemicals and toxins all around us like free radicals, smog, cleaning supplies, toxic fertilizers, genetically modified food, and way too many more to mention here. Also it’s important to note that the soil our food is grown in has been stripped of most of the minerals and nutrients our body needs. To keep our immune systems operating at the level needed, I recommend the Best Immune Booster, Cyto-Ess, which features the use of a proven ingredient called Ai/E10.

Immune System Activator/Modulator

-Activation and Modulation is the key

One of the main immune system components that benefit from the activation and modulation given by Cyto-Ess is Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell) activity. If you are given a blood test that shows your NK cell count, it will probably will show a normal count. This is the case for most people. But, if you get a specific Nk cell activity test, the results could tell you a lot more about how these cells are working for your immune system. It will tell if your NK cell activity is very high (active) or very low (zero in some cases). Studies have shown that low or No NK cell activity is associated with chronic illness. In my opinion, the use of an immune activator like the Ai/E10 in Cyto-Ess is far more beneficial then waiting to get sick and then seeking treatment with toxic drugs.

What about those of us with autoimmune disease? It can be very frustrating, not to mention dangerous, when your immune system constantly attacks your body. The standard treatment for a patient with an autoimmune disease is a prescription of one or several immunosuppressants(Toxic Chemicals). These drugs suppress the immune system to try and stop it from attacking the body. The problem is that while doing this might ease the negative effects of the autoimmune condition, it also puts you at greater risk of contracting other virus’s and bacterial infections.

People with autoimmune disease benefit from the modulation effects of the Ai/E10 in Cyto-Ess. Ai/E10 reprograms the the immune system to do what it was meant to do! Instead of attacking the body, your system will begin to attack pathogens again. Cyto-Ess modulates your NK cells and helps them communicate properly to work at optimum levels against the germs invading your body.

What About Standard Treatments?

There are many pharmaceutical drugs that manipulate the immune system in some way or another. For example: Steroids will suppress the system, while other treatments may stimulate it artificially. These tactics are well documented and were thought to have been proven beneficial. However, some doctors and researchers are starting to find out that attempting to manipulate the immune system in these ways may not be as safe or effective as previously thought.

When we get sick with a bacterial bug or infection, the current method of treatment is to take an antibiotic. This takes care of the infection 99% of the time. One thing to note is that the antibiotics today have been over prescribed and there is a growing trend of resistant bacteria strains out there. That’s why the label on your antibiotic medication warns you to FINISH all of the pills, even if you don’t feel sick anymore! Not finishing all of the medication will likely cause some of the bacteria to remain and become resistant to that medication! This should scare everybody but it seems to get little attention.

When we get a virus like the flu, there is really nothing that can be done except to treat the symptoms and wait it out. The only solutions that the pharmaceutical industry has to offer are vaccines. In the last few years much attention has been given as to the safety of these vaccines and there is now a debate on the safety and efficacy of a great number of them.

Immune System Boosters

The new trend in alternative medicine and even allopathic medicine that is exploding exponentially is immune system activators and modulators in the form of healthy, non-toxic health supplements. Ai/E10 is an immune system activator and modulator that helps support some very important core functions and keep your natural ability to fight off virus and bacteria at an optimum level. The body is at its best when it can protect itself from infection, rather then trying to play catch-up.  Ai/E 10 is the only ingredient in Cyto Ess.  It is the the purest version available at this time.  Ai/E10 is a purified whey extract that provides the body with a high concentrate of low molecular weight molecules that help support immune cell communication.  It is a purified bovine whey extract that provides the body with a concentrate of low molecular weight molecules (fewer than 100,000 KDa), including lactoferrin, granulocytes, cytokines, disaccharides, and memory transfer factors.

There have been several double blind placebo studies on the effects of Ai/E10. Here are two different studies you need to look at. These are just a few out of over a hundred:

Clinical Studies For Ai/E-10:

A Study of the Effects of Oral Dietary Supplementation of Ai/E¹º® Upon Natural Killer Cell Activity in a Healthy Human Population.

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An Examination of Immune Response Modulation in Humans by Ai/E¹º® Utilizing A Double Blind Study

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The Use of Ai/E¹º® in Conjunction with a Holistic Treatment Model for Natural Killer Cell Activation.

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Laboratory Studies

Examination of Immune Response Modifiers in Healthy Individuals as Compared to the Refined Lacteal Complex Ai/E¹º®

(Townsend Letter, December, 2006) Berlett Dietary Ingredients, LLC, Scottsdale, Arizona, May 2005.

A Pilot Study of an anti-MRSA Bio-Engineered Lacteal Complex (anti-MRSA BLC) in a Murine Septicemia Model.

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General Information/Product Comparisons

Cyto-Ess – References and Description

Cyto-Ess Generic Product Comparisons

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