Monsanto’s Corn Approved Despite Dangers Of GMO From Testing

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Monsanto’s Corn Approved Despite Dangers Of GMO From Testing


Back on the 27th of December in 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ruled that it would deregulate 2 of Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Seed Varieties(GMO).  This gives a company that is already complicit in destroying many farmers’ lively hoods by fraud, and poisoning the food we eat, even more control of the county’s food supply.  If you ask me, it’s like we’re living in some sort of warped nightmare; like the kind where someone is abducting you in a crowded place, only everyone around is looking the other way and you can’t speak or escape.  Scary…

The modified seed in question is Monsanto’s ‘Drought Tolerant’ GMO corn which was developed in association with BASF.  Despite having close to 45,000 public comments opposed and only 23 comments in favor since comments opened, the Obama Administration still went on with the approval.  That makes the 9th GMO crop approved for commercialization in 2011 by the USDA.  Mark A. Kastel, Senior Farm Policy Analyst with The Cornucopia Institute says,

“President Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack just sent a clear message to the American public that they do not care about our concerns with genetically engineered food and their questionable safety, adverse environmental impacts, and detrimental effects on farmers, especially organic farmers.”

The cultivar relies on a gene from Bacillus subtilis, a soil bacteria that helps “preserve cellular functions during certain stresses,” according to Monsanto’s petition for deregulation.  Monsanto spokesperson Danielle Stuart says that this technology could have other uses besides corn.

“There is a possibility the gene could be used in other crops and Monsanto has a robust pipeline that evaluates many genes.”

This is very important news that needs to be monitored by all of us that promote a healthy lifestyle.  We will have updates in the future.

 Dangers Of GMO

I feel that I need to tell everyone that will listen (and even those that refuse to), that this current GMO trend is going to ruin our planet as we know it.  In fact, it already is!  Look, the science is already out and spoken for.  This tampering with nature is having horrible side effects on our health.  Here is a list of serious health risks that The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) reports:

  • immune problems
  • infertility
  • accelerated aging
  • changes in major organs
  • faulty insulin regulation
  • changes in the gastrointestinal system

The AAEM even advised doctors to tell their patients about the dangers of GMO foods and how to avoid them.  This is only the beginning of the potential health risks that can affect us.

GMO Testing

As far as GMO testing goes, everywhere that I look there are attempts by Monsanto to produce evidence that it’s products are safe and effective.  However, when these studies are looked at closely there are many faults and deceptions.  I’m going to summarize some of the excellent research of Jeffery M Smith from The Institute For Responsible Technology.

On June 20th, 2005, a German court ordered Monsanto to make a controversial 90-day rat study available to the public.  The data in this study backed up the claims of prominent scientists who pointed out that the genetically modified(GM) corn-fed to animals produced extensive health effects in the blood, kidneys, and liver and that humans eating the corn might be at risk.

This ‘Rat Study’ contained 1,139 pages of data and observations on Monsanto’s GM corn product “Mon 863“.  Now, let’s remember that it was Monsanto’s own study.  Even though the study used unscientific and contradictory rationale to claim that Mon 863 was safe and to gloss over significant dangers, the European government took Monsanto’s word and approved it.  Critics have noted that the study had many flaws and omissions.  This is how Monsanto’s GMO testing commonly works unfortunately.  Please go and read the article that Mr. Smith wrote by following the link I provided above(1st paragraph of GMO testing section).

Please take time to learn more about GMO’s and how they affect all of us.  I’ll be writing more in the near future.

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