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My youngest son was diagnosed with Leukemia at age two and one half years old.  Scared beyond words, his little body was put through 3 years of chemotherapy.  Eight years later we were told he was cured.  The problem was…he was always sick.  The doctors could not answer why.  That was when I started doing my own research.

I knew he needed to detox and build his immune system.  In 1998 Biomune OSF Plus was released for sale.  Clinical studies on this product were done at the University of Pittsburgh.  The studies concluded  the association of chronic illness with a syndrome of low Natural Killer Cell activity.  Biomune OFS Plus activates NK cell activity by 1200%.  While Biomune OSF Plus is the “defense”… Matol KM is the “offense”.  The 14 botanical combination oxygenates, detoxes  and helps with energy.  This product has been around for over 90 years.

Isagenix Ionix has been added to his supplementation for the past five years.

I only recommend products that I use and know work.

By the way…my son will be 30 years old in a few months.  It has been, and still is an educating journey!

Debbie  C.N.H.P.

Certified Natural Health Professional

Biomune OSF And Cyto Ess For Healthy Immune System

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